Disco Sensation on the beach St Helier Jersey Channel Islands
On The Beach St Helier Jersey Channel Islands With Disco Sensation

When it comes to performing their favourite disco dancing tribute routines, this team of dedicated 70’s dancers will go almost anywhere on the planet. Today they are on a beautiful sandy beach St Helier Jersey Channel Islands entertaining everyone including the Dolphins.

The Disco Sensation team travel the world with their tribute show performing at Parties, Weddings Nightclubs, Product Launches, Film Premiers, Special Events and Charity Events.

The Disco Sensation Crew are; Percy Pelvis, he of the Pelvic thrusting Fame! Beverly Hills, she Queen of the platform heals. Ambre Solaire, also know as Freddie Mercury, Vanity Fare who is the Crazy, Cool, Cracklingly Hot lady, along with the super cool Levi Stud the scream if you want to go faster!…….put your hands in the air like you just don’t care! mobile, mobile man.

The Music Mystro

The man Behind the Disco decks is none other than DJ Sven Tease, the “It’s a 147 disco sensation heaven” dude

Disco Sensation is a comedy tribute disco show that features the dancers giving tributes to the stars of the disco era in a nice but Hilarious Way. All the Disco Sensation crew love the music of the 70’s and feature it heavily in the show, which is 100% child friendly and just great for any event.

What did they see on the Beach St Helier Jersey Channel Islands?

We think the pod of Dolphins swimming across the bay stopped to have a look, as they stayed close by for hours as the crew went through some of their routines. Ambre Solaire switched from being Edwin Starr to Freddie Mercury and part of the Village People quicker than you could blink your eyes. Percy Pelvis was The Bee Gees then turned into a brilliant Tina Turner and then John Travolta. Beverly Hills did her sensational Abba bit. Levi Stud was the Wham Bam Thank You Man and Mr M Jackson. Vanity Fare was her usual Crazy, Cool, Cracklingly Hot as she went routines.

Music Mystro DJ Sven Tease played all those classics and even featured some of the big tunes from the 50’s right up to the present day. Highlight was When Elvis appeared on the beach St Helier Jersey Channel Islands. An afternoon of FUN.

Powerful & Extremely Funny

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