Beverly Hills Biography

Many believe that Beverly Hills is the 70’s Disco Goddess as she transforms right before your very eyes into Dolly Parton or Agnetha Fältskog of Abba; her love for the 70’s disco sound is only surpassed by her love for platform heel boots. Beverly recently had to build an extension on her home to accommodate her every growing collection of her first love that come in every style colour and thigh size.

The secret platform heel boots closet

Each pair boots has it’s own specially designed glass case with a solid gold high security lock. It is said that every night Beverly spends an hour or so walking up and down the many isles of glass cases which are stacked floor to ceiling, seductively selecting a lucky pair of boots that will have the ultimate pleasure of sleeping with her that night. Once the pair has been selected a Disco Sensation moment of appreciation sigh of delight occurs, which many in the area have heard, but few understand or are able to describe, but many know where the sound came from.

Every morning Miss Beverly Hills awakes and seductively pulls off each boot with a sigh of excitement, then baths them in baby oil and expensive perfume, returning them to their glass case in prime condition. Then it all starts again another day another pair of boots from her amazing collection will be chosen to accompany on the daily 70’s disco love affair.

Beverly Hills favourite words

Givme Givme Givme Just A Little Bit More D I S C O:

Beverly Hills, dancer with the Disco Sensation Comedy Tribute Disco Show
Rod Stewart by the Disco Sensation Tribute Show
The Disco Sensation Dancers
John Travolta by the Disco Sensation Tribute Show
Bee Gees by the Disco Sensation Tribute Show
Make It A Night To Remember – The 70’s Disco Dancing Comedy Tribute Show

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