Dancing On The Ski Slopes in Aspen Colorado

Dancing On The Ski Slopes. DiscPercy Pelvis Disco Sensation the One Man Show dancing on the ski slopes in Aspeno Sensations Percy Pelvis is not only the disco dancing worlds numero uno boogie master, but also dancing on the ski slopes has become one of his favourite pastimes.

Here in Aspen Colorado our Percy Pelvis is entertaining the local skiers with an array of his famous Pelvic Thrusting movements, even teaching fellow skiers his famous thrusting moves on Snowboards, Ski’s and even barefoot for those who are venturous.

Will our Percy ever find his limits? probably not if the truth is known

Percy Pelvis In Action

Percy Pelvis Disco Sensation the One Man Show as Elvis
Media photo of Percy Pelvis on the slopes skiing and dancing
Percy Pelvis Disco Sensation the One Man Show as Morris Gib

Fancy A Little Dancing On The Ski Slopes

So next time you are on the ski slopes and you see a little pelvic thrusting going on, you may even feel it before you see it, don’t worry it just Disco Sensations Percy Pelvis trying out a few new moves for the next show.

Don’t be surprised if Percy suddenly turns into Tina Turner as he does a great comedy tribute to one of the greatest soul legends, Morris Gibb of the Bee Gees fame is another tribute our Percy is very well known for. There are so many he can do, including Edwin Starr, the list is endless.

If you fancy a little dancing on the ski slopes along with a bit of pelvic thrusting yourself, Percy will only be too happy to have you join in as its always Boogie Ogie Ogie Time with Disco Sensations Percy Pelvis.


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