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Richard Lett Altitude Festival

Sandwiched between the Irish comic maestro Ed Byrne and US urban hip hop legends Ugly Duckling we had a difficult task to complete. Who would raise the game in our 2000 capacity marquee from low seating high jinx of the comedian to whip up the crowd into a dancing frenzy?

The answer came in Jersey based party instigators the Disco Sensation Comedy Tribute Show. In fact it was more a case of light the touch paper and stand back – the ensuing explosion shook the mountaintops and we were lucky to escape an avalanche. Act after act streamed onto the stage, in big wigs, loud costumes and with and energy and zeal which quickly infected the crowd. There were pop icons aplenty; Freddy, Elvis and his dancing girls, MJ and even Snoop Dog – all carefully choreographed and set to the tunes of their own DJ (a man of questionable taste in clothing but a damn fine DJ).

The Disco Sensation brought home the party and provided the event with some fantastic and memorable visuals that were used to great affect in later years.

Richard Lett     www.takingthepiste.com

Richard Lett

Chanel 103.7fm Jersey Gig In The Park

These guys are great… Full of energy, ready for any challenge and really get the crowd going when they’re in full swing. You can tell they’re all passionate about what they do because their set is brilliant and well rehearsed. Off stage they’re a lovely friendly bunch too who get on with everyone. Definitely recommended in my book that’s for sure.

Chris Halford (Station Manager)     tindleradio.com

Channel 103FM Jersey Logo
Chanel 103.7fm Jersey Gig In The Park
Station Manager

Heather Bratton

“Disco Sensation’s energy and amazing talent reverberated through the crowd at our Disco Party! Their high energy performance was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone, from ages 7 to 70 years old. The interactive show brought huge smiles to the faces of our kids and volunteers. We were so happy to have Disco Sensation be a part of our Aspen Winter Games program, and look forward to working with them on future events”.

Heather Bratton on behalf of SSF
Heather Bratton Admin Shining Stars Foundation
Heather Bratton
Winter Games Leader

Suzanne Gooch: Walk to Defeat A.L.S.

Suzanne Gooch: Walk to Defeat A.L.S.
Team Leader

Kathy Gingery Shining Stars Foundation

“Hi Percy: OMG — that was the BEST disco party we ever have done for the kids. We can’t thank you all enough for coming over and sharing your time and energy with us. Kicked off the party in style. Remember our Banquet Celebration for the kids is tomorrow (Thursday) at the St. Regis — starting at 5:30 — hope you can come”.

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Kathy Gingery Executive Director The Shining Stars Foundation.org
Kathy Gingery Shining Stars Foundation
Executive Director
William Gooch: Aspen Sneak A Peak
Charity Organization

Caroline McKenzie (Brotherford)

“Hello Percy, just a quick email to thank you and the Disco Sensation for your show and entertainment at our wedding in August. We have just got back from honeymoon and everyone here is still talking about the nighttime show you put on, I have to admit it was so funny and made my day, everyone was so happy, ps grandma says she must have one of your Afros? Thanks Percy.”.

August Wedding Slimbridge UK
Caroline McKenzie (Brotherford)
Make It A Night To Remember – The 70’s Disco Dancing Comedy Tribute Show

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