Levi Stud The Biography

Levi Stud is the one of the original Disco Dancing crew as he is fanatical about his 70’s D.I.S.C.O. He arises from his leopard skin water bed each morning as the birds begin to chirp (saying thanks for a good night Levi) and then carries out a 3 hour grooming and feeding session on his FRO, Afro to you guys! Many say his unique designer Afro tuning was admired as far away as Detroit and Miami..

Levi Stud The Chopper Man

After That he likes to play with his chopper for a couple of hours on a two hour bike ride, followed by more fanatical cleaning of his prize possession THE FRO), then its off to build up his muscles and fitness session in the gymnasium followed by some dancing lessons with the ladies in the studio at 54.

Levi Stud is a man who likes to get the crowd going mobile? with some of his acts like Barry White, Rod Stewart, John Travolta, Bee Gees, Wham, Jacksons, Sugar Hill Gang, Break Dancing, and not forgetting the famous Stevie Wonder! His wardrobe has a large section of Disco Attire, and each night before bed, he counts each item to make sure everything is still there.

Our Disco Dude today manages a successful theme bar; it’s an environment he knows so well as his career has been in the entertainment business from day one. He has even taken the Disco Sensation from Marbella in Spain, to Aspen in the USA and Auckland in New Zealand.

Tight shirts, 50 inch flares, platform heels, big comb and shed loads of hairspray, hey that’s the price to pay!, Mr Levi Stud, he’s a sensation…

Levi Stud Moto scream if you want to go faster!…….put your hands in the air like you just don’t care! mobile, mobile

Levi Stud from the Disco Sensation Tribute Disco Show
Freddie Mercury and Queen Tribute from the Disco Sensation
Disco Sensation Tribute Show on the road
The Disco Sensation Tribute Show dancers on stage
Freddie Mercury Tribute from the Disco Sensation 70's Show
Make It A Night To Remember – The 70’s Disco Dancing Comedy Tribute Show

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