Percy Pelvis of the Comedy Tribute Show The Disco Sensation

Percy Pelvis He Is The Man – It was noticed at a very early age, that there was something very different about Percy; he had a pelvis that had thrusting movements that many could not explain. As soon as disco music was in earshot, the now famous pelvic thrusting started, then for Percy an uncontrollable urge to Boogie Oogie and get mobile to the music took over.

It was rumoured that the early thrusting sensation videos of Percy’s pelvis were watched and copied by artists such as Elvis, Rod Stewart and George Michael in their shows, but none as yet have managed to obtain the gyration movements or the speed of which entertains and excites so many today.

Percy Pelvis born to entertain!

Percy’s always worked in the entertainment industry starting as an entertainments manager for one of the top fun bars where the Buzz of the thrusting pelvis became a legend over night. From there he moved on to managing the venue and later many other successful nightclubs. Today Percy Pelvis runs a successful promotions company making advertisements for TV along with training films for blue chip companies. Percy Pelvis is the founder member of the Chopper society and still today goes everywhere on that blue and white pristine prize show winning original bike. Some say the fist love of his life.

The Percy Pelvis favourite words!

Get your kit off it’s disco boogie time…Lets get mobile mobile mobile YEA….

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