Vanity Fare of the Disco Sensation Comedy Tribute Disco Show

Vanity Fare is the original disco dance floor Queen, she loves to move, which is her favourite past time. When she is not on the dance floor she is boogieing around in front of her long gold boudoir mirror with those sexy D.I.S.C.O boots on….. Her passion for perfection sees no ends as from early morning to late evening she is searching for that ultimate Boogie Oogie Oogie taste of honey move.

Vanity Fare her perfect day

Vanity Fare starts each and evey day with 2 hours mobile in her gold and silver designer glitter tub bathing…. The tub has 100 water jets precisely placed to massage and excite her ready for another evening of Boom Boom on stage with the favourite people the 70’s disco fans, but not before her small army of creative make up artistes have enhanced her natural beauty even further.

The sensual 70’s disco wardrobe

Miss Vanity Fare has a wardrobe of sensual 70’s disco attire that is admired and envied by many. Her disco dresses and especially her boots and shoes have been featured in many Films and TV adverts around the world. It has been said that to create a pair of boots for our Disco Queen the leather has to have been massaged for softness by two men for 1 year and treated with her own exclusive brand of moisturising creams and perfume….

Favourite words of Miss Vanity Fare

Crazy, Cool, Cracklingly Hot…

Vanity Fare, dancer with the Disco Sensation Comedy Tribute Disco Show
Disco sensation tribute Comedy Disco Crew
Disco Sensation with friends
Disco Sensation on stage
Disco sensation on stage
Make It A Night To Remember – The 70’s Disco Dancing Comedy Tribute Show

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